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a plant geneticist and yamologist.

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Statement (June 12, 2014): 

Totalitarians lead by Shinzo Abe and LDP put Japanese Democracy at stake.

Scrap the “Secrecy Bill” that oppresses the freedom of speech,

a fundamental human right!

Stop Abe Zombies to breach Constitution of Japan!

See: New York Times Opinion and The Japan Times Opinion

        and Globalpost News

Serious concerns expressed by UN human right experts








Don’t Forget Fukushima Nuclear Disaster!  

   A large area of land and ocean heavily contaminated by radioactivity.

   > 150,000 people being displaced from home land.

  Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Nuclear Mafia are responsible for

   this disaster. 

                       Ryohei Terauchi stands AGAINST  LDP policy


  1. -Restart shoddy nuclear power plants in Japan and export plants abroad

  2. -Change the Article 96 and Article 9 of Japanese Constitution to remove

    basic human rights from the people and to wage war

  1. -Ratify TPP for the profit of 1% of the people 

  2. -Put Secrecy Law to suppress freedom of speech

  3. -Breach the Constitution of Japan



                                   - 原発再稼働と原発外国輸出

                                   - 憲法96条および憲法9条の変更

                                   - TPPの批准

                                   - 言論の自由を封じる秘密保護法

                                   - 憲法違反の”集団的自衛権行使”




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